Why Are Ticket Prices Out of Control?

A List bands are skyrocketed in price, but B and C are stable and still a value.

Ticket prices skyrocketed post pandemic. A List bands, like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Nicki Minaj, now cost over $2,000 to get a great seat. Things didn’t use to be like this. Pre-pandemic you could see all these artists for well under $500 for a great ticket. So the question is: What happened? How did ticket prices get so out of control?

Prices Out of Control Because of Pent Up Pandemic Demand

Bands didn’t tour almost 2 years and lost a lot of money. Fans have been hungry for live music to make up for lost time. However, this doesn’t really explain why concerts are so expensive nearly 2 years after all these bands have been back on the road. And while concert goers missed the summer of 2020 and 2021 for great concerts, surely they’ve made up for this by now. Ticket resellers scooped up almost any and all shows in 2021. Popular music festivals like Austin City Limits were selling for double face value in 2021. But now festival and non “A list” bands are back down to normal prices. Which leaves us with one big obvious problem…

A List Ticket Prices Are Outrageously Expensive

If you want to see an A List band and they’re at an arena, you will be paying 10X more than you would for their pre-pandemic shows. Justin Timberlake’s “Man of the Woods” tickets cost $200 for a great floor seat. The same seat for his upcoming concert is over $2,000. P!ink’s GA Pit tickets for her 2019 tour were $300. Her Trustfall tour tickets now no longer have a GA Pit and those great up close seats are over $3,000. We all know the same story happened for Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

And here’s the problem…nobody knows why the A List has exploded in price. Taylor Swift’s face value ticket prices aren’t $3,000. Perhaps bots are just better at scooping up tickets and reselling them. The answer to why remains murky. But there is good news about concert ticket prices…

B List Bands Are Still Affordable

Virtually all B and C List Bands are under $50 (before fees). We haven’t seen much price increase in these bands in the last five years. They remain probably the best deals in live music, particularly compared to A List talent. You can now see 30 different B List bands for the price of one great Beyonce ticket! Also, ticket brokers do not have the same strangehold on scooping up these tickets as the A List bands and arenas. Again, it’s unclear why, but if you’re looking to find value in concert tickets, then heading over to your best local general admission venue is the best bet to find a reasonable ticket. Check out our blog post on tips for How to Get Tickets to Sold Out Shows.