Who Has the Lowest Ticket Fees for Concerts?

ticket fees are so high and we'll show you how to find the lowest fees.

Tickets fees add 30-40% to the final price of any concert ticket. It sucks and we all know it. Lots of people ask us who has the lowest ticket fees for concerts. So, we decided to write a post telling you who’s got the lowest fees. Best Primary Ticket Sellers We like primary tickets sellers […]

How to Get Tickets for Sold Out Shows

Festival season is over but now we'll help you get tickets to sold out shows.

Frustrated a show you want to see is sold out? Don’t want to pay a reseller like StubHub or SeatGeek for tickets to the show? In a previous blog post, we talked about how you can’t find good last minute tickets. That’s mostly true, but there a few exceptions. Here’s how to get tickets to […]

Last Minute Tickets Are A Unicorn

Looking for last minute cheap concert tickets and wondered why there are no amazing deals? The fact is last minute cheap concert tickets are a unicorn. They’re rare because ticket brokers do not like selling concert tickets for a discount. Sure apps market and sell last minute tickets. But last minute and cheap are two […]

Love to Hate Ticket Fees: Scam or Fair Business?

We love to hate ticket fees and regularly ask ourselves whether they’re a scam or fair business. We know the additional 25-50% in fees for a ticket is always a buzzkill. And yet, there’s no getting around them. We have to pay them for virtually every live event we go to. Every friend asks us […]

How to Find the All In Price for Concert Tickets

The biggest complaint we hear from our live music fans over and over is just how high fees are. Concert tickets that start as $35 a ticket end up over $50 when fees are included. To make matters worse, there’s no formula to predict just how much fees will be. Fees add between 15-40% of […]