2 Reasons Taylor Swift Tickets Are Cheaper in Europe

Taylor Swift is headed out on her European tour. Ticket prices are way lower than the US. We'll explore why.

Are Taylor Swift tickets cheaper in Europe? 100%. Floor tickets for her upcoming Paris show are under $200 (on a resale site no less)! Those same tickets would be over $2,000 for her US tour stops last year. We talked about this last fall in our blog post: Cheapest Way to Get Great Taylor Swift […]

Why Are Ticket Prices Out of Control?

A List bands are skyrocketed in price, but B and C are stable and still a value.

Ticket prices skyrocketed post pandemic. A List bands, like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Nicki Minaj, now cost over $2,000 to get a great seat. Things didn’t use to be like this. Pre-pandemic you could see all these artists for well under $500 for a great ticket. So the question is: What happened? How did ticket […]

Ticket Prices: Will New Federal Laws Help Cut Them?

great tickets like this one are often expensive. New federal legislation aims to make ticket prices more affordable, but will it?

Congress introduced new legislation in December to deal with the really nasty parts of the resale ticket industry. The question remains: If this becomes law, will ticket prices come down? The answer is sadly: No. Most ticket brokers will find ways to work around or simply won’t be affected by the new law. The good […]

Dynamic Ticket Pricing: Amazing or Disaster?

Beyonce's North American tour is full of Ticketmaster "Platinum" tickets.

Everybody hates paying too much for tickets on resale sites. Some people say “dynamic ticket pricing” solves the problem with high resale ticket prices. It has some positives and negatives. It can be great for artists and venues, but unlikely to help fans see more shows or get better seats. The bottom line: Dynamic pricing […]

Love to Hate Ticket Fees: Scam or Fair Business?

We love to hate ticket fees and regularly ask ourselves whether they’re a scam or fair business. We know the additional 25-50% in fees for a ticket is always a buzzkill. And yet, there’s no getting around them. We have to pay them for virtually every live event we go to. Every friend asks us […]

How to Find the All In Price for Concert Tickets

The biggest complaint we hear from our live music fans over and over is just how high fees are. Concert tickets that start as $35 a ticket end up over $50 when fees are included. To make matters worse, there’s no formula to predict just how much fees will be. Fees add between 15-40% of […]