Who Has the Lowest Ticket Fees for Concerts?

ticket fees are so high and we'll show you how to find the lowest fees.

Tickets fees add 30-40% to the final price of any concert ticket. It sucks and we all know it. Lots of people ask us who has the lowest ticket fees for concerts. So, we decided to write a post telling you who’s got the lowest fees.

Best Primary Ticket Sellers

We like primary tickets sellers like Etix, Dice and Prekindle. They do a good job of keeping fees lower. They usually add around 25% to the ticket price; compared to Ticketmaster tickets whose fees often add 30% to 40% of the tickets. The problem is you can’t avoid primary ticket sellers and their fees. Also, Etix, Dice and Prekindle serve only a small percentage of venues nationwide. Ticketmaster is still the major primary ticket provider in most markets.

Best Resellers w/ Low Ticket Fees

Here’s the deal with resellers: It’s not about who has the lowest fees, it’s about who has the lowest all in price. Ticket brokers play games with their base ticket price; making it lower but then loading up on fees. So here’s our recommendation on which reseller has the lowest all in prices.

We like TickPick. They build all their fees into their tickets. All you see is the all in price. No waiting til the end of the purchase to get surprised with the total price.

We know there are lots of other resellers out there: SeatGeek, StubHub,, GameTime, and Vivid Seats. Even Ticketmaster resells tickets these days. And while you can turn on the all in price feature in the SeatGeek, StubHub and Gametime apps, it’s hard to do. (We show you how to do this here.) However, some of these apps (we’re looking at you Ticketmaster and StubHub!) revert back to showing you tickets without the fees included when you leave their app. And with Vivid Seats, you can’t even see the “all in” price until you’re ready to buy.