How to Get Tickets for Sold Out Shows

Festival season is over but now we'll help you get tickets to sold out shows.

Frustrated a show you want to see is sold out? Don’t want to pay a reseller like StubHub or SeatGeek for tickets to the show? In a previous blog post, we talked about how you can’t find good last minute tickets. That’s mostly true, but there a few exceptions. Here’s how to get tickets to sold out shows without spending a fortune.

Tip #1 for Tickets for Sold Shows: Recheck the Venue Website on Day of Show

Venues release their day of show tickets up to 24 hours before the show. Check back 24 hours before the show to see if they released any tickets. Then, check again the morning of the show. We’ve picked up tickets to shows this way several times at face value. Sometimes you have to be lucky with your timing, but this does work.

Tip #2: Go to the Venue Box Office for Day of Show Tickets

Go to the venue on the day of show when the box office. Ask them if they have any day of show tickets available. Many venues hold back tickets until the day of the show. These tickets are ones the artist or the venue keeps for friends and VIPs. Sometimes, not all of the hold back tickets get taken and this is your opportunity to get one. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it does. And…it costs you nothing to ask.

Our Favorite Tip: Set Prices Alerts on our TicketJam App

Ticket prices dynamically go up and down for sold out shows. We built an app, called TicketJam, that allows you to tag a show you want to see and set a price alert. (We think it’s pretty great and you can click here to download it for iPhone) We’ll notify you if the price hits what you want to pay. From there, it’s one click to get to reseller who has the ticket you want. Check it out below, we found tickets to a Johnnyswim show that dropped $10 from $40 to $30….

We do the work to find you tickets for sold out shows!