3 Reasons Festival Upgrades Are a Waste of Money

music festivals offer lots of upgrades. Are they worth it or waste of money?

Headed to any music festivals this year like Lollapalooza, ACL, or Osheaga? Tempted to buy some of their upgrades? We’ll walk you through 3 reasons why festival upgrades are a waste of money. In one of our last posts, we talked about how some potential new laws may cut ticket prices. However, festivals are their own unique thing and actually one of the better values to see lots of bands for a relatively reasonable price. We’ll walk you through why you should stick with your GA ticket over the GA+ and VIP upgrades that are a waste of money.

Festival Upgrades Waste Money #1: Take you away from the music

Some upgrades (usually called “VIP package”) give you access to elevated venues of the stages. This is great if you like to be 150 rows back from the music. But you end up watching the show on the big screens because the performers are so far away. It’s really not so great if you want to be up close and in the crowd. The elevated views have more of a feeling of being in a big box at a arena show. You don’t get the feeling of the crowd. And frankly, what’s the point of going to the festival if you’re just going to watch the show on a giant TV?

…And bad food and drink options.

The “VIP” packages offered by most festivals give you access to unlimited food and drinks. This sounds amazing but actually it’s not. First, the food and drink offered is no better than what you can get from the regular food vendors at the festival. Second, virtually nobody can eat and drink enough food and booze to warrant the additional price of these packages. For example, Lollapalooza’s VIP package costs around $440 more than standard GA package. While you might be able to eat more than $140 a day of food and drink, it’s highly unlikely. Plus, these unlimited bars and buffets don’t serve high end sushi and whiskey, so you’re better off saving your money and just buying that GA ticket.

“Special” bathrooms aren’t worth it

The cheapest upgrades, usually called “GA+”, give you access to a private set of bathrooms. Except…they’re not private. They’re just used by other GA+ people. And even worse, these private bathrooms are often away from the music and so if you have to leave a stage, you spend 10 minutes walking to the bathroom and another 10 to get back to the stage. The standard GA bathrooms are right next to the stages and most festivals have about a 3 minute wait even during busy times. It’s just simply not worth it. The GA+ upgrade costs around $80 and yet it’s still a festival upgrade that is a waste of money.