Cheapest Way to Get Great Taylor Swift Tickets

The cheapest way to get Taylor Swift tickets is by going to Europe

If you’re upset you didn’t see Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, you still got two more shots to. Taylor Swift tickets will cost you a fair bit of money. Here are the two ways you can see here in 2024:

  • See her at one of her three US stops in fall 2024 (Miami, New Orleans, and Indianapolis).
  • See her in one of her many European tour stops in spring and summer 2024.

We’ll walk you through the costs and the cheapest way to get great Taylor Swift tickets in 2024.

“Here’s the shocker: It’s cheaper to see Taylor in Europe, than it is the US.”

US Tour: Fall 2024

Your “All In” cost for Taylor Swift tickets at any US date is around $3,600 per person. This is a crazy amount of money for tickets that will not be all that great.

Here’s the breakdown of costs

  • Tickets: $2,500 per person (This gets you good, but not great tickets)
  • Airfare: $300-$600 per person
  • Hotel: $150 per person
  • Food: $300 over 3 days

Official tickets from Ticketmaster are pretty much nonexistent, so you’ll have to buy from the resale market (We talked earlier about how it’s easy to hate Ticketmaster for high ticket prices, but in this case, Ticketmaster is not the problem). You need to prepare now if you want to see her and not pay outrageous last minute prices for hotels and airfare. Hotel prices have spiked in virtually all of the cities on the weekend that she plays.

European Tour: Spring/Summer 2024

Here’s the shocker: it’s cheaper to see Taylor in Europe than it is in the US. Your “All In” cost to see Taylor in Europe is around $2,250 per person. You save over

Here’s the breakdown of costs to see her in Stockholm Sweden (where we’re headed to see her):

  • Tickets: $800 per person (for VIP standing room tickets that get you within 50 feet of Taylor)
  • Airfare: $1,000 per person
  • Hotel: $150 per person
  • Food: $300 over 3 days

You’ll have to buy your tickets from Viagogo, the StubHub of Europe. We don’t love using resellers, but this is pretty much the only way you can get tickets to her European shows. If you want to find out where she’s playing in European, check out Taylor’s page here.