2 Reasons Taylor Swift Tickets Are Cheaper in Europe

Taylor Swift is headed out on her European tour. Ticket prices are way lower than the US. We'll explore why.

Are Taylor Swift tickets cheaper in Europe? 100%. Floor tickets for her upcoming Paris show are under $200 (on a resale site no less)! Those same tickets would be over $2,000 for her US tour stops last year. We talked about this last fall in our blog post: Cheapest Way to Get Great Taylor Swift Tickets. Now we’ll talk a bit more about why Taylor Swift tickets are so much cheaper in Europe this summer!

Laws Limit Resale Ticket Profits: Swift Tickets Only 20% Above Face Value!

Ticket laws in multiple Europeans countries (France, Germany and Holland) limit resale ticket prices to no more than 20% over the face value of the ticket. So for her stops in Paris, Amsterdam and German, you’ll see tickets at totally reasonable prices (per US standards). In Ireland, resale above face value is simply…banned. Also, the EU’s new Digital Services Act (DSA), when into effect in February 2024 and sets all kind of new limits on resale ticket markets. For example, there will be more upfront transparency on who you’re buying the ticket from, ticket resale sites will be banned from using popups and giving preference to certain kinds (think more expensive) of tickets. For more info on this, check out this article. Lastly, countries like the UK allow resale tickets but restrict who can post them for resale.

European Swifties Don’t Trust Resale Ticket Sites in Europe

European concert goers are simply more skeptical of buying and trusting tickets bought through resale sites. Yes, there are big resellers like Viagogo (who bought StubHub in the past few years), but European attitudes towards resellers are far more skeptical than American concert goers. Just look at the FAQ for the Taylor Swift venue in Stockholm where they warn concert goers away from resale sites by saying: “We strongly advise against buying a ticket through any of the secondary services.” In fact, according to the Face Value European Alliance For Ticketing, 80% of UK music fans think resale tickets are overpriced.